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Sandler Sales Immersion Programme




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The starting point for everyone who gets involved with understanding and using the Sandler Selling System is the Sandler Sales Immersion Program.

Designed for both all sales professionals and business developers who are looking to immediately improve their revenue generation performance.

It’s for those who want to take their skills to the next level.

  •  Know how to efficiently and effectively qualify new business
  • Separate yourself from your competition
  • Start more interesting sales conversations
  • Move deals forward reliably and consistently
  •  Dramatically reduce your sales cycle
  • Close more sales without discounting or complicated negotiations

Programme Overview

Selling today has changed dramatically. Understanding your customer’s problems and their specific buying motivations is crucial to your success in business development and sales.

Effective selling requires a systematic approach to predictably develop and grow your business.

Sandler’s Sales Immersion Programme, sets the ground rules for doing things differently, ensuring how you standout from you competition in today’s competitive landscape, and how you win more, more easily.

This 5-week immersion programme covers 10 modules of our award winning consultative and permission based selling methodology.

The course starts on Thursday 29th June at 9:00 am-12:30 pm and runs for 5 consecutive weeks

Sandler has been instrumental in growing our business at 300% year-on-year. We simply wouldn't have that growth without Sandler.

Jacob Wardrop, Commercial Director

Sandler Sales Immersion Programme Outline

  • Why Have a Selling System: Discover the power of Sandler's comprehensive 7-step selling system and overlay it on your current sales approach to develop a common process and sales language for your team.

  • Strategies to quickly build trust with prospective clients: Learn and understand the psychology of effective communication to improve sales conversations and to establish an emotional bond and positive rapport with your prospects.

  • Using Verbal Contracts to manager buyer engagement and to Accelerate Sales Cycles: Take control of the sales process by establishing a framework to gain mutual alignment for productive conversations.

  • Uncover the Prospect's Compelling Reasons for Doing Business with you:  Understand why buyers buy and learn the high powered qualifying process needed to probe for true buyer motivations.

  • Questioning Strategies:  Learn to improve your information gathering to gain a greater understanding of your prospect’s real problems, as you help them discover and articulate their needs.

  • Uncover the Prospect’s Investment potential and their willingness to buy: Learn how to have effective discussions about monetary and non-monetary investment levels to appropriately set expectations for the buyer and seller. Uncover the investment constraints of your prospects and whether they are willing and able to make them.

  • Understanding the Prospect’s Decision-Making Process and accessing all the Decision Makers: Learn how to uncover your prospect’s decision-making process, as well as how to spot, remove, or avoid sales roadblocks.

  • Closing the Sale (Solution Presentation & Post-Sell): Learn to consistently close and reinforce a sale with effective presentations and proposals, how to secure the sale after the sale, and how to set the stage for future business and referrals.

  • Improving Your BAT-ing Average: Take a hard look at your Beliefs, Attitudes, and Techniques and how to increase your chances of sustainable success.

  • Prospecting Behaviours: Identify the right mix of prospecting activities and an action plan to ensure a predictable and sustainable sale effort.

Trusted by over 50k+ companies around the globe

Sandler are the worlds largest Sales and Leadership training organisation. We help create predictable revenue results for companies that want to scale effectively.

We help our clients by:

  • Customisable learner journeys
  • Collaborative coaching
  • Ongoing reinforcement
  • Technology-enabled solutions

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