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Sales Managers




Become strategically relevant to the board AND improve the metrics that matter – Close Rates, Forecast Accuracy, AOV, Sales Cycle Length.

We recognise that the sales manager role is one of the toughest in the business. Most sales managers we meet are great salespeople in their own right and have a passion for selling but find themselves in a space where they are in the details of every deal whilst at the same time trying to lift their heads up and create an empowered team that will deliver consistently and forecast accurately without being micro-managed. They also spend more time than they’d like in the CRM or explaining the outputs to their senior team. Being in detail and being strategically relevant is tough!

Thousands of sales managers rely on us as their long-term partner because…

  • We give them the skills to run an effective sales management process, turning them into world class sales managers rather than super salespeople doing an OK job managing a team
  • They learn how to power their sales process with the Sandler Methodology and achieve revenue growth, AOV improvements, sales cycle length reductions and better closing ratios
  • Their people have a common language which means that they can always locate where they are in a deal, communicate clearly about what needs to happen next, and ultimately deliver more accurate forecasts.
  • Their people learn the ‘how’ not just the ‘what’ taught by typical sales training. They learn the value of their craft and engage in the mastery of selling, knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it. They move from vendors to trusted advisors in the minds of their prospects and customers.
  • They know that selling isn’t just about skill and technique. They know that true human potential is maximised when we have the right attitude and an unwavering commitment to doing what it takes. They learn how to apply the Sandler success model to create a high performing culture of accountability.

We doubled conversion rates, our average order value has increased by 40% and deal closing time has contracted by 60%.

Stuart Rowe, CEO - Mail Manager (An Ideagen Company)