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Sandler Training | London, UK | London,

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Putting Predictability and Scalability into Your Sales Engine

For London Sales Directors & Business Owners!

Sandler London will lead this collaborative session, providing insights and practical solutions that will shed light on challenges such as;

How to improve win rates.
How to stop sales people discounting.
How to stop free consulting and advice.
How to accelerate and close lengthy and unpredictable sales cycles.
How to establish common sales language and processes that scale.

Client results:

  • 300% improvement in Upsell and Cross sale revenue in 6 months for a SaaS Logistics Platform
  • Doubled average order value in 9 months for an international SaaS Social Media Tool
  • 20% New Business growth in 7 months for a Digital + Web Creation Business
  • 10% Reduction in demo no shows within 6 weeks for a SaaS email platform

This is not a Webinar. Join us for this interactive virtual session, via Zoom, on 26th May, 9 am -10.30 am

This is not a webinar, but a small group interactive session to equip you with new skills and strategies.  

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Who We Work With

We’ve worked with Chris Ginnelly to put our sales and management team through Sandler training and highly recommend both Chris and the approach. The results have been impressive. Our prospecting activity levels have more than doubled and our time to contract has significantly reduced now that we all understand and have the same approach to selling. Our control over the sales cycle has improved and we're not afraid to walk away from opportunities and put our energy into pursuing the right kind of business. In addition the Sandler approach of regular short classroom based training is a refreshing change. We constantly learn and relearn in powerful, short, insightful sessions.


Chris Ginnelly is the Managing Director of Sandler Training in London. Chris helps his clients develop world class sales and customer service cultures by combining his own personal experience and insights with the award winning Sandler methodologies. Chris is passionate about our often untapped human capacity for change and improvement. As a speaker and a trainer, Chris shines a light on this opportunity and invites people to develop the habits that have the power to change their personal and professional lives.


Prior to joining the global Sandler network Chris spent 20 years with Xerox and UK technology leader Civica, establishing a track record for helping individuals and organisations drive significant and sustainable shifts in performance. He has led teams and business' through significant change; from acquisition and disposal, through to sales led growth strategies and brand creation.


Here is an excerpt from a recent training Chris ran on how to find the real root of your prospects problem. The problem they present to you is often just the surface issue - only by asking intelligent questions can you get deeper and find the real problem. 


Come along to this session to experience this training first hand and leave with actionable techniques you can use in your business.