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Scaling Sales Coaching


In this webinar, we’ll dive into 5 sales coaching strategies that will help improve rep performance. 

Some of these strategies may require you to rethink the way you’re approaching sales conversations today, but in the long run, are tried-are-true approaches that will help your reps start closing more deals.



5 qualities of an effective sales coach

conducting an inventory of reps to help track success over time

digging deep into a rep’s core competencies to identify gaps

establishing a sense of trust and comfort with reps by creating a coaching contract

implementing individualized coaching to help manage sellers' unique challenges

inspiring reps to challenge the status quo and reach for bette


An interactive discussion with leading subject matter experts


Scaling Sales Coaching

We all know that coaching is an integral part of sales management. It helps reps improve their performance by instilling confidence, identifying areas for improvement, and helping them pinpoint what’s working so they can replicate it.