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UpServing is Hard. Why you should give up finding new customers.

Join us for Our Customer Success Briefing

Whether you manage a Customer Success Team or a Team of Account Executives, maximizing existing customer retention rates, ARR contribution and revenue expansion has never been more crucial for a business. As a SaaS business, an IT company, an agency or a consultancy, more focus should be placed on your more profitable existing customers than worrying about looking for new customers.


In this 60-minute interactive and participative session for CEOs, CCOs, CROs, COOs, MDs, Directors of Customer Success and Sales Leaders we will explore the mechanics of focusing on your existing customers and the primary roadblocks that might be limiting your revenue expansion opportunities.

Upserving is the practice of bringing more value to your customer.

When existing customers are 1150% more profitable than a new logo, which has only an 18% profit contribution, maximising your existing customer revenue requires a different strategy.

Consider joining this session if your revenue team are:
· Frustrated they’re not getting the fair share of customer wallet;
· Struggling to expand the value you bring to your customers;
· Needing to develop the techniques and tactics to handle revenue expansion objections more effectively;
· Having challenges with Upserving and Cross-Selling;
· Worrying that they are being labelled as a salesperson versus being seen as an advisor when it comes to revenue generation.


This is not a Webinar. Join us for this interactive virtual session, via Zoom, on Wednesday 26th October 9am-10:30am

We’ve worked with Chris Ginnelly to put our sales and management team through Sandler training and highly recommend both Chris and the approach. The results have been impressive. Our prospecting activity levels have more than doubled and our time to contract has significantly reduced now that we all understand and have the same approach to selling. Our control over the sales cycle has improved and we're not afraid to walk away from opportunities and put our energy into pursuing the right kind of business. In addition the Sandler approach of regular short classroom based training is a refreshing change. We constantly learn and relearn in powerful, short, insightful sessions.