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Sandler Training | London, UK | London,

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Business Leader’s Growth Masterclass

Why growth might be eluding you and what you can do about it!

A complimentary Business Leaders Growth Masterclass tackling real life growth issues


√Open conversation about current growth challenges

√60-minute session

√Virtual event

What needs to change to predictably grow your business!

Using “real world” scenarios and  situations, we’ll identify key roadblocks and blind spots that are holding many businesses back from realising their desired growth ambitions. 

We’ll examine different growth strategies and tactics which could help you achieve more sales.

Friday 17th May, 12:00pm – 1:00pm



This session is not for those who want to list back and listen. It’s for those who want to lean in and discover:

√How to engage the modern buyer?

√What are the motivations of the modern buyer?

√How to get decision makers to take action

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We’ve worked with Chris Ginnelly to put our sales and management team through Sandler training and highly recommend both Chris and the approach. The results have been impressive. Our prospecting activity levels have more than doubled and our time to contract has significantly reduced now that we all understand and have the same approach to selling. Our control over the sales cycle has improved and we're not afraid to walk away from opportunities and put our energy into pursuing the right kind of business. In addition the Sandler approach of regular short classroom based training is a refreshing change. We constantly learn and relearn in powerful, short, insightful sessions.