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Using Social Media to Your Prospecting Advantage

Join us Friday, January 27th, 2023, from Noon – 1:30pm for a look at how the buyer journey has changed with the advancement of technology, personalization, and customization.

Complimentary Workshop for Small Business Owners /Founders and Business Development Leaders

According to research from Salesforce, 85% of potential customers are unsatisfied in their first conversations with a salesperson. Research from Harvard Business Review shows that buyers describe the sales process as stressful, painful, and uncertain. For a sales professional, this is certainly not how you want your prospects to feel, or how you want to be perceived. Buyers have learned to smell "commission breath" online, and you must approach them with curiosity, authenticity, and relevancy.

Join this 90 minute workshop and learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition and create enjoyable buying experiences for prospects.

In this workshop we will explore:

· Finding the right people, information, and opportunities

· Engaging with prospects through their preferred channel

· Leveraging video to capture attention.

· The Virtual Visibility Formula

· What to post on Social Media

· Identifying and attracting your ideal clients

· Using the right marketing cadences to engage prospect

· How to differentiate yourself from your competition


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We’ve worked with Chris Ginnelly to put our sales and management team through Sandler training and highly recommend both Chris and the approach. The results have been impressive. Our prospecting activity levels have more than doubled and our time to contract has significantly reduced now that we all understand and have the same approach to selling. Our control over the sales cycle has improved and we're not afraid to walk away from opportunities and put our energy into pursuing the right kind of business. In addition the Sandler approach of regular short classroom based training is a refreshing change. We constantly learn and relearn in powerful, short, insightful sessions.