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Case Study - Cirkularis8

How we helped Cirkularis8 increase their revenues and improve their win rates

Cirkularis8 - Kristoff Dubose, CEO & Founder

Industry - Office Design & Construction 

Cirkularis8 works with a range of high-profile companies in helping them create beautiful offices that people love and which reflect the new nature of work.

Prospecting activities increased

Sales conversion rate improved

Revenue Growth Rocketed


At the helm of a foundling company in its first year of practice, Kristoff had ambitious plans and a desire to accelerate growth. Confident in his product, expertise and skill, the harsh reality of prospecting for clients in a competitive environment soon caused him to question whether this was even a viable proposition.

Time wasted chasing poor prospects meant missing out on other deals, obstructing the routes to market - ultimately preventing growth. Anxious to find solutions, recognising an urgent need to shorten the sales cycle and improve the numbers, Kristoff turned to Sandler London for assistance.


From day one of his learning journey with Sandler, Kristoff gained knowledge and skills that had an immediate impact on his business. Embracing the Sales Mastery Programme, which brings leaders and salespeople from different organisations together on a weekly basis for short effective learning and practice sessions, Kristoff embedded the habits that lead to success.

He went on to put into motion timeless strategies that enabled rapid acceleration of the sales cycle, while simultaneously qualifying the right prospects. Positioning himself as a business equal, he was equipped to control the outcome, closing more often while still commanding a premium price.


ROI: 10x return on profit in 1 year.
REVENUE GROWTH: Scaled to £5m in 2 years.

In his own words, “I couldn’t have imagined a sales training course that would have made such a big impact on our business, but it has. It’s been pretty remarkable”. In only a short time, Kristoff and Cirkularis8 have gone from strength to strength, recently winning a remarkable and prestigious project that is ground-breaking for their industry. In line with increased profits, they’ve also garnered some “serious kudos” along the way and grown as a team. Resolute in his belief that everyone in the business is in sales, Kristoff ensures his whole team

If you want certainty in what you're after - in driving targeted predictable outcomes - then definitely the Sandler system truly works, and it's powerful stuff.

Kristoff DuBose, CEO & Founder

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