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When you tell people this is your corporate goal and you're going to make £100,000 if you hit your goal, you would think that they're going to get motivated and pumped up, and maybe they do.

But you know what they're really doing behind the scenes? They're saying, "What would I do with that £100,000? Would I spend it on retirement? Would I buy a new car? Would I buy a new home?"

You need to do that for them because people work harder for themselves than they do for you!

List your sales people, next to that see if you can list the top three goals that they have. What are their personal goals? What's their why? Why are they motivated? Why are they working?

And now a couple of things are happening;

1 - You better understand what makes your people tick.

2 - When we talk about our goals, I'm not talking about the £100,000. I'm talking about a car. I'm talking about holidays because that motivates that individual.

Watch the full video here;

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