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Buyers and decision makers have been exposed to hundreds and thousands of sales meetings and calls. They understand that professional sales people are trained and supported to maximise company performance and customer satisfaction. They know when they're working with a professional. They also know when they're not.

If you were traditionally trained, chances are, some phrases and techniques have been hard wired into your subconscious. Just check that the phrases and techniques that you use are not sending the wrong message about you or your company. There are numerous phrases and techniques that set the alarm bells ringing for prospects. You can move from trusted advisor to vulture in a heartbeat - a trained killer that is only really interested in swooping down and stealing their wallet.

They wont stop the process or give you the feedback. If you're good you might read some non-verbal cues and find a way of backing up. You might think you lost the deal further down the line on price or quality bla bla bla. Its not true. You lost it when they made an emotional decision that they couldn't trust you.

It can be as simple as using that old favorite the alternate event close - "what works for you, morning or afternoon". It doesn't matter that it's innocuous. What matters is that you run the risk of triggering the alarm. Success today comes from authenticity. Whatever sales system you use, just take a few minutes to reflect on the phrases and techniques you use without thinking and eradicate anything that might be unhelpful.

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