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Sales Mastery

Master the craft of selling with weekly virtual live classes.

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The program goes beyond knowledge and creates a space for ambitious salespeople to become best in class. Working weekly with a group of committed peers from different organisations, participants develop a deep understanding of sales and human psychology, become highly effective in the application of Sandler strategies and tactics, and break through comfort zones through practical exercises that develop and maintain their sales muscle.

This program is suitable for both new business sales and account management and requires previous completion of Sandler Immersion

"Sandler Mastery has had a profoundly transformative and positive impact. Within 5 months, I have had to completely re-think the way in which I viewed sales in general, identify and eliminate personal bad habits and begin to adopt the Sandler methods and techniques that now made me feel confident and empowered. I have no doubt that the tools I have acquired with Sandler directly enabled me to close a large 6 figure contract last month."

David Ezra, Founder

What The Programme Covers

Sales Mastery is an ongoing program that revolves around the following Sandler Selling System concepts:


Effective Communication: Learn and apply specific Sandler techniques to start a sales conversation and establish an emotional bond and positive rapport with your prospects and clients.

Creating and maintaining Equal Business Stature: Learn how to position yourself as a Trusted Advisor rather than a vendor. Stop subservient behaviour that holds you back from challenging and leading the sale assertively.

Up-Front Contracts: Take control of the sales process by establishing an agenda and mutually beneficial guidelines for a productive conversation.

Questioning Strategies: Learn to improve your information gathering to gain a greater understanding of your prospects, as you help them discover and articulate their needs.

Pain: Learn the high-powered qualifying processes needed to probe for true buyer motivations.

Investment: Uncover the investment constraints of your prospects and whether they are willing and able to make them.

Developing a Champion: Create a champion for your case within your prospect's organisation

Influencing Business Case Development: Become part of the internal process your buyers follow when selling.

Decision: Learn how to uncover your prospect’s decision-making process, as well as how to spot, remove, or avoid sales roadblocks.

Closing the Sale: Learn to consistently close and reinforce sales by focusing on the prospect’s pain, decision-making process, and investment expectations, and learn how to set the stage for future business and referrals.


Improving Your BAT-ting Average: Take a hard look at your Beliefs, Attitudes, and Techniques and how to increase your chances of sustainable success.

Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone: Examine the self-imposed limits you’ve placed on your achievement and institute a plan for overcoming them.

Creating a Prospect Plan: Identify the right mix of prospecting activities and an action plan to ensure a predictable and sustainable sales effort.

Making the Prospecting Call: Empower yourself to engage gatekeepers and prospects while vastly improving your confidence and ability to set sales appointments.

Negative Reverse Selling: Learn why doing the opposite of what the prospect expects will help you stay out of the way while your prospect overcomes their own objections.

Applying Transactional Analysis in Sales: Discover how and why people react the way they do in differing sales situations to gain greater insight into yourself and your prospects.

Setting Goals: Identify your life goals and the sales objectives you must reach to make them possible. Then, create a plan for achieving them.

Developing Your Formula for Success: Learn Sandler’s top ten strategies for sales success and apply them to your situation.


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Sandler are the worlds largest Sales and Leadership training organisation. We help create predictable revenue results for companies that want to scale effectively.

We help our clients by:

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