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The Power of Mindfulness

Strategies, Accountability & Focus

Prepare You and Your Team for Business Growth

Sandler trainers Amy Woodall and Haley Ayraud Haggerty, along with Speaker and Author, Oksana will discuss how to define "mindfulness" when it comes to sales, leadership, and business success and the direct link that connects mindful practices with accountability and achieving sales goals.

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Designed for business owners, managers & salespeople

Join in for an education session that will prepare you and your team for business growth in the new year.

  • How to integrate a mindful practice into your sales process.
  • Why people struggle with accountability and how to overcome these challenges.
  • Strategies to balance being busy with being productive.
  • How additional resources can help you in your path to mindfulness and accountability in sales

Achieve Your Goals

Defining "mindfulness" and "accountability" when it comes to sales, leadership, and business success 

  • Mindfulness

    Enhanced learning practices that result in improved focus. 

  • Accountability

    The role of accountability as it relates to increasing the likelihood of success.


  • Resources

    Resources that can help you take your business to the next level. 

FEBRUARY 27, 2020


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Oksana Esberard

Oksana Esberard is a certified business Mindfulness + Meditation expert, international speaker, and bestselling author. Utilizing her talent and multicultural background to bridge the ancient 5000- year old wisdom to tangible results, Oksana supports it by science and business practicality. Oksana leads corporate mindfulness programs and retreats for small businesses and Inc. 500 companies around the globe.


Haley Ayraud Haggerty

Industry thought leader, speaker, and active contributing member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Haley Ayraud works with companies and CEO groups on sales process design, implementation, sales accountability, and overall team performance. A key participant in the Harvard University's MBA and Executive MBA programs featuring Sandler Training, she's been named "All-time Favorite Summit Presenter". 

The Power of Mindfulness

How to define "mindfulness" when it comes to sales, leadership, and business success.


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