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Case Study - Motiv8

How we helped motiv8 increase their revenues and improve their win rates

Motive8 - Richard Moon, Director

Industry - Bespoke Health & Fitness Facilities

Founded in 2000, motive8 is an established global market leader in the design and installation of bespoke residential, corporate and private health and fitness facilities, delivering everything from home gyms and training studios to spas and swimming pools, as well as large- scale corporate and residential installations.

Revenue Increased by 20%

Salesperson Morale, Confidence and Capability Improved

Win Rates Increased


Motive8 asked Sandler London to help drive a more consistent sales performance across a diverse team charged with creating and responding to opportunities across different customer profiles and markets.

Lengthy sales cycles with large enterprise clients, where multiple stakeholders are engaged at different points, were often difficult to control and maintain momentum in. For smaller transactions, the sales team were often finding themselves as ‘free consultants’ giving away their premium ideas and designs without any commitment from the prospect.

As the business continued to grow and diversify, the Motive8 leadership team wanted a methodology and a framework that could be used across the business and applicable to anyone who engages with a prospect or client.


“Integral to Sandler’s offering is their ability to provide different solutions, even within an organisation. Sandler London created a bespoke Sales Mastery training package for our sales team and Leadership training for management.

Vitally, given the relatively small units of sales and our protracted sales process, Sandler can drop us into different training scenarios and guide us through unique sales opportunities. While our sales team remains relatively small, their endeavours account for the lions-share of revenue.

Adding the foundation of Sandler sales thinking to an individual’s professional development at the outset has provided our team with the skills, confidence and dexterity they need to move forward with a successful project.”


“Sales can be stressful and frustrating, but since joining with Sandler our team is happier, more confident, more together, and that in itself has helped drive results. The shared learning experience has improved morale and all round it’s been a happier place to be.

We have improved our win rates and increased our chargeable consulting revenues. Total revenue has increased – up by about 20% or so. This has allowed us to further invest in our business, bringing more people on board, adapting in real time to meet the needs of our clients.

In times of economic difficulty, we don’t believe in standing still and Sandler is intrinsic to our growth perspective. As such, we have increased our spend in Sandler because we believe that taking an aggressive approach will give us the best return across the business.”

100% do it! It will change your business for the better - we are proof of that

Richard Moon, Motiv8

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