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Customer Success Mangers



Commercialise your CS team and deliver your Net Revenue Retention goals

We know that there is huge pressure on Customer Success managers and Heads of Account Management to deliver on increasingly challenging NRR goals. Managers are tasked with building individuals and teams that can drive strong adoption and usage to retain the status quo (loyalty). But they must also leverage that customer advocacy with a team that has the courage to engage in upselling and cross-sell activities, and win!

Thousands of CS Managers and Heads of Account Management rely on us to help them and their teams…

  • Integrate their CS/AM process with the Sandler Tools and Methodologies that lay the foundations for scalable high performance – from world class QBR’s to Strategic Account Planning
  • Build and embed the competencies and skills required to deepen commercial conversations and engagement with existing customers, creating financial and emotional reasons for the customer to take action on new/additional product or service offerings.
  • To build the confidence in each team member that will see them establish and maintain Equal Business Stature, elevating them from a vendor to a Trusted Advisor.
  • Learn the strategies and tactics required to deliver annual price increases linked to past and future value rather than being marginalised at renewal time.
  • Learn how to independently negotiate and deliver a win/win without having to defer to their manager.
  • Develop a common language which means everyone on the team can always locate where they are in an opportunity, communicate clearly about what needs to happen next, and ultimately deliver more accurate forecasts.

We assessed the impact of the Sandler Programme developed for our account management teams. The account managers who were engaged in the Sandler Programme delivered an average of 350% more GP than those that were not. This ROI together with the value we place on the advice and counsel we receive from Chris and his team meant it was a no brainer for us to expand the programme further across all our teams.

Dana Kajtezovic, EVP Client Experience - Investis Digital