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At Sandler Training London City we build world-class sales cultures in all the companies that we work with. To help understand where an organisation currently stands and the strategy for improvement we created our World Class Sales Cultures framework.

This framework helps us assess the current sales culture of an organisation and define where the opportunities for growth and success lie. The framework is a structure for diagnosis that helps the sales leaders we work with evaluate their strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth.

Think of our framework as a high-level guide that can help to facilitate the thinking for looking at your organisation. It can be tough to properly assess something you live and breathe every day, so in having a framework it becomes easier to analyse certain areas of your sales culture.

One thing to note - this is not an exclusive checklist for high performance, there are many other contributing factors to high performance. This enables you to create a heat map of where you need to focus in your organisation to build a world class sales culture.

The framework

Our framework is structured around 6 key areas:

  • Sales Operations and Strategy
  • Systems
  • Sales Leadership
  • Data and Behaviours
  • Staffing
  • People Development

You will typically find some areas that you excel at and are confident in your approach, but you might equally find some aspects that need improvement to get to the level you want.

Creating a world class sales culture will not happen overnight, it takes time, care and commitment, but our framework is a good first step to understanding your current positioning.

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