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Case Study - Autto.Io

How we helped Autto.Io increase their revenues and improve their win rates

Autto.Io - Ian Gosling, Founder & CEO

Industry - Technology

No-code automation for business. Autto is a cloud-based software platform that makes it easy and cost effective for organisations to automate routine tasks, so that staff have more time to focus on what they love.

Significant year-on-year revenue growth

Consistent process and language across team

Less time lost on futile opportunities 


“Having invested previously in a number of marketing initiatives, we were still searching for a means to improve our results. Our priority was sales enablement and creating a structure around sales. We had a product, but we didn’t have a process for selling it and it had been a long time since any of us had done any practical selling. As such we were very rusty in terms of skills and approach. While we able to generate a lot of early conversations, without the relevant sales skills to secure conversion, things wouldn’t progress. This also highlighted our need to better qualify suitable opportunities. Furthermore, we have a product which is in a very new category which raised the question – how do you articulate new product categories?


In Sandler we found a style of sales that we’re very comfortable with – an approach that I think is very modern and works very well. Culturally we are not comfortable with outdated pushy sales techniques. In particular, we are selling a new product to serious professional people. Through Foundations and subsequent weekly training sessions, we developed a process that essentially turned-on-a-head our existing methods. The Sandler system enables us to qualify at the outset whether our product meets the requirements of our potential customers, and in turn, whether they are likely to commit. If it’s not a good fit, then we can move on to spend our time more usefully, or we can track back to present the product in a way that is directly relevant to their solution. It means that we are having a smaller number of higher quality conversations and spending our time with the right people.


We feel Sandler Training has been, and continues to be, a very wise investment. As a team we have all become much more engaged in the process, enabling sales to become a more professional side of the business.

It has provided us with a structure and overarching visibility on progress. It’s given us a set of communication techniques – I’m thinking in particular of communication styles and questioning strategies – helping us to understand customer requirements.

We have a clear logic and understanding for pursuing those customers; a set of metrics that tells us if it’s time to step out of any repetitive loops; and we are able to generate insights into our market which determine where we should be spending our marketing time and money.

Whilst these improvements are ongoing, we’ve gone from unconscious ignorance to gaining a professionalised sales process and skillset that reaps both financial and developmental rewards.

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