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About the Sandler Training - London City team

Through weekly communication training at the London City Training center, you’ll benefit from:

  • An environment that keeps you focused
  • Objective sounding boards on how to move through conversations
  • Ways of recognising other people’s communication styles (and, therefore, buying process)
  • Support in keeping you accountable for your stated goals (both personal and professional)
  • Gaining the confidence to have intentionally guided conversations
  • Positive interactions with other individuals looking to increase their own opportunities

Dedicated to your success

Luke Davies

Top UK award winning trainer and corporate coach - Luke Davies brings more than 30 years experience and has been instrumental in helping his clients achieve sales success. He has worked with multinational organisations like Sybase and HSBC through to SME-Medium sized businesses where his passion lies. Luke has been awarded UK Sandler Office of the Year. Like most businesses, Luke has suffered the pains of the traditional salesperson. Using the Sandler methodology and approach ensured the growth and success of his businesses. Here he found he wanted more than sales success and shared the vision of wanting to change how salespeople sell. Luke possesses a proven track record of success as a local and international award-winning trainer/corporate coach, bringing added value to any company seeking sales management, coaching, sales training and improved client retention. His core philosophy trust and integrity in your approach and build your business.

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Our training centre is located at:
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden London, WC2H 9JQ

Our training centre is perfect for your weekly training and bootcamps.